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Our programs are designed to facilitate growth and development.  Every classroom has goals and objectives to keep your child on track for success.  Children will learn through hands on activities, music and movement, sensory, fine and gross motor activities, stories and language enriched classrooms.  Children not only learn through structured activities but through play.  Our classrooms bring laughing and learning together by exposing children to new vocabulary and concepts used during play based activities.  


Our on-site library houses more than 1,500 books categorized by age groups that cater to the centers needs. From themed story telling, educational learning stories, to fun pop up books that are great for the younger age! Our library creates a love for reading at any age. 


Our Therapy Center, located on the B side of our facility, is convenient and always available for children and their therapists to use. This comforting space allows your child and their one on one therapist to engage in a quiet atmosphere with materials and toys that are designed to help achieve their developmental success. 

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